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June 1st, 2007 (10:43 am)

I stayed at Joni's house Monday-Wednesday. She's not done with work yet so it was just me and Timah home during the day while she and Brian went to work. It was very calming being there. The first night their 17-year-old neighbor from downstairs, Dave, built a fire so we sat out there simply watching it burn, talking quietly, and listening to Brian play the guitar. When he played some songs I knew (Guster's "May Parade" and some Dashboard) I sang along in some parts, but only quietly because unless I'm in the car I'm usually embarrassed singing in front of people. I've realized that having a fire is the perfect thing to be social and yet not be obligated to talk. When no one is speaking it's not awkward, but rather it seems like everyone is just very contemplative. I love the crackle and pop of the wood, sending up showers of sparks into the trees. It's like they're escaping - blazing on for a few moments before they disappear into the darkness. There's such a contrast between your legs and shoulders. My legs felt that wonderful heat from the fire radiating onto them, while my shoulders had goosebumps from the light breeze that carried the sparks away.

The next day I decided to bike around the town and draw some pictures. I didn't do as much drawing as I would have liked, but it was very nice nevertheless. I wore my pretty green dress. There are few things that I enjoy more than riding a bike in a dress - it makes me feel nostalgic somehow, as if riding bikes in dresses is something from a different time. I suppose that's appropriate, though, because Millbury itself seems from a different time. It's an old mill town, the kind that seems abandoned and lonely and yet there are inevitably (and surprisingly) people living there, going about their everyday business. I packed myself a lunch which I ate while sitting on a bench in the sunshine. Carrots, cucumbers, a peanut butter and banana sandwich, and water. Delicious and healthy. When I got home I wanted to watch TV but I couldn't figure out how to get it out of DVD mode so I watched an entire disc of "Scrubs." That night Joni and I biked a bit (but our crotches hurt from biking the day before hahaha so we only did a little bit) and then went running after dinner. Brian and Dave were fishing out on the pond so we went to see them, sitting on their lawn chairs on the bank, framed by shrubbery and tangled fishing line in the trees above.
My last day there I decided to do some "bikesploring" and unintentionally did 13 miles. I rode around one of those "Model Homes" neighborhoods. I understand they're for old people but nevertheless I would never want to live there. It was so depressing with all the houses exactly the same, decks on the back but no view worth seeing, treeless perfect green lawns. Miserable. I also rode around the old cemetery, which I thoroughly enjoyed. One road led to a dead end, shaded by trees with one tombstone as the focus. Ha. Dead end. That was unintentional. I took the Millbury/Worcester bike trail, too. It's nice to have a bike trail there, but it's nowhere near as nice as the Amherst bike trail. This one goes next to, under, and around different sections of highway. There aren't any of those sections where you feel truly alone in the world. Even at the parts where there are trees, it's not that dense forest feeling and you can hear the cars in the background. It was interesting to see what another bike trail was like, though. For the rest of the afternoon I just read "David Copperfield." I'd like to read 25 books this summer. If I keep choosing ones like David Copperfield, though, there is no way I will reach that goal. It's 870 pages and I'm only up to page 270. We'll see, though. At the Cape I typically get a ton of reading done and I'm headed there next Friday.

I'm home for now, though, and it's back to appointments and chores. I have to mow the lawn and then go running.