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Michelle [userpic]

July 26th, 2007 (07:16 pm)

Sorry if this is preachy. I just worry about the world.

From Jackie Crosby of the Savannah Morning News and PosterChild:
If the iPhone lives up to its hype - Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., predicts that 10 million will be sold in the first 18 months - environmentalists and others fear an avalanche of electronic waste as never before, as consumers decide they no longer need their cell phones, BlackBerrys or iPods.

Already the average American has three to five cell phones lying around, which stacks up to a nationwide total of 750 million unused phones lying dormant.

A lot of those phones go directly from the dresser drawer into the trash can. About 130 million a year meet that fate, according to the Environmental Protection Agency - even though the phones are filled with all sorts of toxic materials.

Cell phones already are the largest and fastest-growing segment of the e-waste world, and keeping them out of the waste stream is becoming even more difficult. Consumers, on average, get new phones every 18 months, although many recyclers think the turnover is much faster.

The sense of urgency is twofold. As a miner might have said, there's gold in them there phones. And there are other valuable metals that are expensive and destructive to scrape out of the earth.

So, if you’re convinced that you really need a cell phone, and equally convinced that you really must have yet another cell phone, don't be an E-tard, be an E-cycler!


Also found on PosterChild:

Do your part to save the world! Stop thinking "me" and start thinking "us."