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Home Home Homeeeeee

May 22nd, 2007 (08:19 pm)

I love home. So so so so so much. I love my family and I love vegging out on the couch with my mom and brother and cat. I love making pies with my mom as a surprise for when my dad gets home. I love biking with my brother when he's done with work. I love staying up late and being the only one awake. I love that my room is so messy I have to sleep on the couch. I love waking up to the sound of my mom stomping around upstairs. I love being surrounded by delicous snacks.

This is going to be a fantastic summer. I'll be working at camp, biking there and back every day. Biking with Kenny, running with Carly, possibly taking a Step Aerobics class? I need to visit Joni at Awesomehaus for several days (more than once), I need to visit Allyson and Pam in Mystic and we'll all go see Justine, I need to go to NA and see Jon King, and I need to go to Jen's house for a Puebla People Reunion. I will utilize mapquest hardcore. I will get to hang out with the party people I don't usually see during the school year (aka all you who read my lj, haha). I'm in for Pirates and for Zen, so chalk that up there.

I want to go hiking. Like ridiculously badly. Trisha, you like hiking, let's go. I was riding on the bike trail the other day and let me tell you that is amazing. It's like you're the only person in the world with the wind rushing in your ears turing to silence when you turn your head. There's marshy land and a canopy of trees above your head, like a welcoming archway. There's dense forest at times and that Robert Frost poem popped into my head, saying, "The woods are lovely, dark and deep." And I kept riding by different trails and as the land rose above me or dropped below me on either side of the trail I could see people hiking. At one part I saw a young couple making their way along the edge of the river as I went by on the bridge overhead.

I don't want to wear shoes this summer if I can help it. I mean of course at camp I'll have to but otherwise I'd prefer not to. I hope there are some of those days when I'm out running and then the sky just lets go and it pours and pours and pours and you feel diesel for being out running in the rain as the cars go by thinking, "What is that girl THINKING running in this?"

I have three and a half months to train. I am so out of shape for running. In September I could run 7 miles at an 8:18 pace. Now I can barely run 3 miles in under 30 minutes. But I think with the biking and if I run consistently and do crunches and stuff, I will be totally ready for the Reach the Beach Relay in September. I'm so excited for it; I think it will be an awesome yet horrible experience. I'll be running roughly 18 miles in less than 24 hours. The most I've ever run at one time is 8 miles and it was awful. So I really need to get myself to a place where 8 miles is, if not easy, as least not painful.

I also want to learn to cook. If I go to Ireland next spring there's no meal plan. I can't just live off cereal and pretzels; I'll actually have to be able to cook meals for myself. So maybe I'll buy a cookbook and do some experimenting this summer.

The downside of being home is that I'm not actually done with finals yet. I have a paper to write that is due Thursday at 1pm. I've written one page so far and I'll be writing more tonight. I have to be done by about 2:30 tomorrow because Mom and I are driving out to see Joni and get Thai food and shop at TJ Maxx.

This is jumbled but that's how my thoughts are. There's just so much that I want to do that I can only think about each thing for a second before I move on to the next. But I want to do them all.


Posted by: newyorkskylines (newyorkskylines)
Posted at: May 23rd, 2007 12:03 pm (UTC)

I want to feel the way you feel in this entry. And GOOD! I was hoping you'd say that. We're gonna hit those hills hardcore. Also, I feel some foreign film-age may be totally necessary this summer.

Bien bien bien :]

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